The Northumberland Tennis Academy endeavours to offer a programme for it's players, which incorporates all four performance factors: Technical, Tactical, Physical and Mental. These services are provided through a variety of activities and sessions: from squad training to individual lessons/hitting sessions; gym-based & on court physical training; and on & off court psychological work.

We are very aware of the importance of Strength & Conditioning within young tennis players' programmes, not only to make them more effective ball strikers but, vitally, to keep them injury free. 

Furthermore, Sport Psychology is important to help players manage their emotions and find the best way to perform under pressure. James Newman provides on & off court sessions, both in groups and individually, to help players develop their mental strength.

Underpinning all of this, the coaching team, within on court sessions, deal with the technical & tactical side of the game. In addition to these core services, the academy offers tournament travel services to help with travel, coaching and accomodation for tournament visits. The academy also provides free workshops & meetings for parents and players, throughout the year.

The approximate costs of these sessions are shown below

These costs should be viewed as a guide only. The academy works hard to keep the cost of participation as reasonable as possible, by offering various subsidies based on number of sessions, level of play, and/or number of siblings per family in the academy.


Full Ball Squads (11+) - £11.00 per hour

Green Ball Squads (9-10) - £10.50 per hour

Orange Ball Squads (8-9) - £8.00 per hour

Red Ball Sqauds (5-8) - £5.00 per hour

S&C (Group) - £4.00 to £8.00 per hour (depending on group size)

Sport Psychology (Individual) - £20.00 (30 mins) £25.00 (60 mins)

Individual Coaching (recommended as part of a weekly training schedule) - Price dependent on coach.