Northumberland World Tennis Tour Hits Rome

The Academy hosted their latest 'Northumberland World Tennis Tour' event on Sunday, with Red players coming together to play fun team matches, work on the goals from their lessons and to learn a little bit about the land of pizza, ice-cream, The Romans - and many other wonderful people, food-types and inventions.

By winning games, matches and by achieving their goals. players earned 'pegs' which contribute to their team's overall score. There were also prizes won for a 'Rome' themed quiz; for outstanding performance of individual goals; and for earning the highest score in the 'playing card' round.

The winning team was 'Pizza', who beat 'Pasta' by 45 pegs to 35. The Italy-themed quiz was won by Vincent & Alex and the players who performed best in their goal were Ben and Vincent.

The Tour has three more events coming up before 2017, see the link below for more information.


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