Minis Become Masai

The Academy hosted their latest 'Northumberland World Tennis Tour' event on Sunday, as the players aged 5-8 visited 'Kenya' to play the Nairobi Open.

Each World Tour event features players split into two teams, working on the lesson goals, earning points for their team and having a lot of fun. To celebrate Kenya, there was a themed quiz and 'Masai' style face-painting. Team Masai Maurauders ended up winning the event by 65 points to the 62 earned by Team Skeleton.

Thirteen players took part and special awards were given to Sophie Motion (for achieving her goal of hitting with good depth), Abi Murugapathy & Sophie (for winning a tennis card game) and to Daniel Smart (for winning the quiz).

The next stop on the tour is 'Japan', where players will celebrate the 'Tokyo Open'. Information on the upcoming events are below.


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