Land of The Rising Sun

The latest step of the Northumberland World Tennis Tour took place at the weekend. With our Mini Red players visiting 'Japan' to take part in the Tokyo open!

12 youngsters aged 5-9 took part in a team event which say 'Team Sushi' take on 'Team Pokemon' in a series of games, matches and balloon challenges!

Organiser James Newman said: "This was such a fun event. We make sure the players have fun and they all write down a goal, which we then score out of 10 as they go through their matches".

"The important thing at this age is that they can develop a love of playing, that they don't struggle with the pressure of competing, and that they can want to win, whilst also performing their goals".

As well as matches, players completed a Japan-themed quiz and prizes were awarded for superb play, achieving goals and top-scoring on the quiz.

The winning team (who earned 'pegs' by winning games, matches, working hard and playing well) were 'Team Pokemon' - well done William M, Alex T, Leo B, Matthew F, Yu-Chen C and Dan S.

The final tour date of 2016 will visit Lapland, for the Christmas Open on Sunday 11 December at 10am to 12pm at Northumberland Academy! The event is an 'Adult/Child' event doubles, and to register a pair is £12.00. Entry can be made by emailing

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