Lapland Open Welcomes Christmas!

The Northumberland World Tennis Tour finished the year in Lapland, as players and coaches from the academy welcomed the festive period with the 'Christmas Open'. Unlike in previous events, this time parents and grandparents were welcomed on court to take part in an 'Adult/Child' doubles event - with the winning team taking home the trophies.

Twenty-eight players took part and were split between two teams: 'Santa's Smashers' and 'Baa Humbugs'. Lots of games and matches were played which gave players the chance to earn 'pegs' for their team. The team at the end with the most pegs was declared the winner.

In an incredibly close contest, Santa's Smashers (The Tompkins, The Massies, The Blacketts, The McKenzies, The Smarts, The Fishes and The Hairs) finished runners up to the Baa Humbugs (The Tindles, The Savices, The Carrs, The Motions, The Beards, The Brookeses), by 86 pegs to 87.

Every player taking part got a 'Christmas' themed quiz, a certificate and a christmas present - plus a fair bit of chocolate was flying around!

Organiser James Newman said: "We had so much fun at the Lapland event. So many kids and parents on the court, playing fun matches, it was a lovely way to end the year. The events have been a great success and as well as the Red ball events this year, 2017 will see us add Orange ball events to the calendar - giving older ones a chance to play more fun, local competition".

Tour dates for 2017 are being finalised and will be announced here soon.

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