Leading on from the 2023 Northumberland Junior Tennis Circuit (NJTC), this year we are opening up the competition to external counties, with it running between Northumberland Tennis Academy and David Lloyd Sunderland.

This is aimed at players who are ready to be introduced into competition in a fun relaxed environment, where every point they earn in their match will contribute to their leaderboard total, so every point counts!

Players will have the chance to compete across eleven qualifying events across the year. The players with the most points will qualify for a place in the finals on Sunday 8th December 2024. All players will receive a player pass at their first competition, which should be brought to each event.

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Sunday 14thJanuary – Northumberland Tennis Academy
Saturday 10th February – David Lloyd Sunderland
Sunday 17th March – Northumberland Tennis Academy
Saturday 27th April – David Lloyd Sunderland
Sunday 26th May – Northumberland Tennis Academy
Sunday 9th June – David Lloyd Sunderland
Sunday 7th July – Northumberland Tennis Academy
Saturday 17th August – David Lloyd Sunderland
Sunday 22nd September – Northumberland Tennis Academy
Saturday 19th October – David Lloyd Sunderland
Sunday 17th November – Northumberland Tennis Academy
Finals – Sunday 8th December - David Lloyd Sunderland


April 2024 - NTA & DLS Leaderboard

NTA & DLS Competition rules

NTA & DLS Competition Rules